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1. I don’t need so much crap. I’m definitely not a hoarder, in fact I cant stand clutter. BUT, spending a few days away with only the basics that were in our cottage and what I packed, made me realize that I don’t need so much crap.
2. I deserve to relax and reflect- everyday! I found that on vacation I was able to breath deeper and think clearer because I allowed my self to relax. Amidst my deep thoughts I had an epiphany: I deserve this peace. Everyday is a gift.
3. I need to get my butt out of bed and get dressed in the morning (have a routine). While on vacation, I was excited to get dressed every morning to go and do and explore. There is no reason not to do this on a daily basis to start my day off right. A daily vacation mindset of excitement and opportunity will allow me to cherish every moment and keep my spirits up.
4. Less Internet and TV=more memories. Wifi was very scarce in the tiny town in which we took our vacation. It was hard to get used to. I picked up my phone 100 times a day to check email, pin, and read blogs that I follow. My daughter asked me in mornings to “watch a show”. Instead of indulging in wifi capabilities, we explored the town, talked to people, and played games. This can be our normal, right where we live.